Practice Areas


Real Estate & Consulting

Mr. Dolinajec provides a full service real estate consulting practice that includes all aspects of real estate acquisition, development, leasing and sale. During the past several years, Mr. Dolinajec has assisted numerous clients, to maximize their outcome during foreclosure.

 Real Estate Law

Mr. Dolinajec practices law extensively and exclusively in the area of real estate law. His services include the following:

  • Real estate litigation, including real estate fraud, breach of contract and specific performance.
  • Foreclosure defense.
  • Contract negotiation and review including purchase and sale agreements
  • Creation of real estate ownership and development entities including joint ventures and real estate limited liability companies
  • Commercial lease negotiations
  • Construction agreements including contractor and architect agreements
  • Alternative dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration.
  • Real estate financing including loan agreements, loan modifications, enforcement of trust deeds and wrongful foreclosure actions
  • Real estate related insurance claims
  • Everyday real estate problems such as boundary disputes access disputes and encroachment disputes
  • Zoning and land use issues

Pro Bono Services

Mr. Dolinajec may provide selected services on a pro bono basis as his work load allows.