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Gregory Dolinajec has more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, both as an attorney and as a real estate professional. As a client, you receive the benefit of both his legal and his business experience. While many attorneys find solutions only in expensive legal action, Mr. Dolinajec understands that the legal system is not the only source of solutions for real estate problems. Quite often business solutions are more efficient and more rewarding. If a business solution is preferable to a legal one, you can rely on Mr. Dolinajec to help you discover it. If not, he will guide you through the complexities of real estate law and aggressively represent your interest whether in court or arbitration.

Mr. Dolinajec understands that strategy is the source of success. Strategic thinking in real estate requires the combination of common sense and legal acumen. Mr. Dolinajec is one of few attorneys who has sufficient experience with both the real estate industry and the legal system to realize how to combine common sense with legal advice. You will have confidence in his strategic advice.

Mr. Dolinajec offers extended or short term consulting. If you need real estate advice, telephone him for a short initial consultation to determine if he is the right counsel for you. There is no charge for this initial telephone consultation.

Attorney Profile

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Gregory Dolinajec is an experienced result-oriented professional with a background in all aspects of the real estate industry. He is a member of the Oregon and California Bar Associations, and is also a licensed Principal Real Estate Broker in Oregon. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the real estate laws and administrative regulations that impact all aspects of the real estate industry.

Mr. Dolinajec is experienced in real estate law, foreclosure defense, construction law, condominium development, multi-family development, restaurant development, purchase and sale agreements, commercial leasing, finance and dispute resolution. He has a wealth of experience in negotiating with the many varieties of people involved in the real estate industry.

Professional Biography

Mr. Dolinajec was in private practice of law in San Francisco, California from 1978 until 1992. During this period, he represented real estate investors, brokers, developers, syndicators, and property managers. He was also General Counsel to a regional Restaurant Company and was responsible for site acquisition agreements, commercial leases and construction agreements. Mr. Dolinajec is still a member of the California State Bar.

Mr. Dolinajec was also the principal owner and manager of a vineyard company that owned and operated approximately 350 acres of vineyard property in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties in California. He was responsible for agricultural land acquisition, financing, grape sales agreements, agricultural liens and he acquired a basic knowledge of viticulture.

From 1992 to the present, Mr. Dolinajec has been in the private practice of law in Portland, Oregon. He represents real estate investors, developers, landlords, tenants, home owner associations, contractors, financial institutions, brokers and individuals.

Mr. Dolinajec has developed numerous condominium projects including new construction as well as the conversion of vintage and historic properties. As a consultant, Mr. Dolinajec has helped many clients through both the legal and business entanglements that accompany projects of all kinds.


Mr. Dolinajec graduated from the University of California Berkeley and was made a member of Phi Beta Kappa upon graduation. He attended graduate school at the University of Michigan. He obtained his law degree from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California Berkeley.

Practice Areas


Real Estate & Consulting

Mr. Dolinajec provides a full service real estate consulting practice that includes all aspects of real estate acquisition, development, leasing and sale. During the past several years, Mr. Dolinajec has assisted numerous clients, to maximize their outcome during foreclosure.

 Real Estate Law

Mr. Dolinajec practices law extensively and exclusively in the area of real estate law. His services include the following:

  • Real estate litigation, including real estate fraud, breach of contract and specific performance.
  • Foreclosure defense.
  • Contract negotiation and review including purchase and sale agreements
  • Creation of real estate ownership and development entities including joint ventures and real estate limited liability companies
  • Commercial lease negotiations
  • Construction agreements including contractor and architect agreements
  • Alternative dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration.
  • Real estate financing including loan agreements, loan modifications, enforcement of trust deeds and wrongful foreclosure actions
  • Real estate related insurance claims
  • Everyday real estate problems such as boundary disputes access disputes and encroachment disputes
  • Zoning and land use issues

Pro Bono Services

Mr. Dolinajec may provide selected services on a pro bono basis as his work load allows.



 Effective real estate litigation requires fundamental knowledge of the real estate market and how that market works. A real estate investor client felt he was defrauded by a real estate developer in a real estate acquisition. My client’s loss exceeded 1.2 million dollars. We filed a lawsuit. Proving our case involved constructing a detailed timeline …



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