Real Estate Law & Consulting

Gregory Dolinajec has more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, both as an attorney and as a real estate professional. As a client, you receive the benefit of both his legal and his business experience. While many attorneys find solutions only in expensive legal action, Mr. Dolinajec understands that the legal system is not the only source of solutions for real estate problems. Quite often business solutions are more efficient and more rewarding. If a business solution is preferable to a legal one, you can rely on Mr. Dolinajec to help you discover it. If not, he will guide you through the complexities of real estate law and aggressively represent your interest whether in court or arbitration.

Mr. Dolinajec understands that strategy is the source of success. Strategic thinking in real estate requires the combination of common sense and legal acumen. Mr. Dolinajec is one of few attorneys who has sufficient experience with both the real estate industry and the legal system to realize how to combine common sense with legal advice. You will have confidence in his strategic advice.

Mr. Dolinajec offers extended or short term consulting. If you need real estate advice, telephone him for a short initial consultation to determine if he is the right counsel for you. There is no charge for this initial telephone consultation.

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